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Daniel was born on March 15, 1990 in Medellin, Colombia. His father, Samuel, is an entrepreneur, and his mother, Orly, is a psychologist and social worker. Daniel’s parents set standards of high education and honesty that both their sons, Daniel and Steven, live up and aspire to in their life.

Inspired by his older cousins who loved and showed horses, Daniel started riding at age 3. He showed a passion for horses which rapidly developed to become a real lifestyle. As a young rider Daniel competed in Colombia, Germany and in the USA. In 2007 he moved permanently to Wellington where he started his professional riding career. His cousins, Marky and Ilan, recently joined him and Bluman Equestrian was created.

In 2013, Daniel Bluman decided to relocate to Europe, in Belgium where he trained with Nelson Pessoa for a couple of years and started to compete at some of the best competitions in the world.

In 2015, Daniel and Ilan Bluman created Bluman Equestrian NY, which is now based out of Brewster, in Westchester.  

In 2017, Daniel chose to start representing his second country Israel and is now helping the country to shine on the international equestrian scene.

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