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bluman equestrianDaniel Bluman and Chandon Blue top Turf Tour standings to win Grand Prix at Wanderers Club

As part of the 12-week Wellington Turf Tour series, The Ridge at Wellington traveled to the Wanderers Club, an exclusive country club in the heart of Wellington, to wrap up its fifth week of competition. The change of venue was set atop a pristine polo field, surrounded by an array of palm trees and settled beneath a blue sky. The venue change for many riders was not only breathtaking, but also the setting of a memorable jump off where riders attempted to catch Laura Kraut and Constable's blazing speed, set early on in the day. It came down to the final moments of the event when Daniel Bluman took over the lead just two-tenths of a second faster, and then Lauren Hough followed consecutively to overtake Kraut's time and capture the second place with Paris Sellon's Street Hassle.

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Fundación Social Antorchas de Vida - Antorchas de Vida

Antorchas is a safe haven that provides students with a welcoming environment, nutritious meals, professional guidance, and above all, access to a local public school which empowers them to develop important communication, problem solving and organisational skills for the future.

Beginning in 2014, Daniel Bluman and his sponsors help fund a group of professionals devoted to providing support and academic assistance to students and adolescents who live in high social risk situations. 80 children benefit from the programme and every support counts.


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