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Bluman Equestrian based in Wellington (FL) since 2009 starts a new project “Bluman Equestrian NY” at Hunters Moon Farm, a top-end facility on Long Island’s prestigious Gold Coast, only 28 miles from New York City.

Daniel and Ilan Bluman, together with their training team, will base their horses and clients in Hunters Moon Farm starting in April 2015.

Led by International Show-Jumper Daniel Bluman, Bluman Equestrian NY will specialize in Hunters, Equitation and Jumpers, teaching and training horses and riders to achieve a level of excellence in all equestrian disciplines. Bluman Equestrian NY aims at taking the love and passion the riders have for their horses and methodically train them to master fundamentals of flatwork and Jumping skills to optimise their performance in Equitation and Jumpers.

Daniel Bluman’s knowledge and programme have been acquired through years of collaboration with his 2 mentors: Eric Lamaze (Olympic Champion) and world renowned rider Nelson Pessoa.

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Fundación Social Antorchas de Vida - Antorchas de Vida

Antorchas is a safe haven that provides students with a welcoming environment, nutritious meals, professional guidance, and above all, access to a local public school which empowers them to develop important communication, problem solving and organisational skills for the future.

Beginning in 2014, Daniel Bluman and his sponsors help fund a group of professionals devoted to providing support and academic assistance to students and adolescents who live in high social risk situations. 80 children benefit from the programme and every support counts.


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