Hermes Conconcreto


bluman equestrianGood morning everyone!

The Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games 2014 are now over and I am very proud of Colombia’s performance. I think it's the beginning of a new era in Colombia’s Show Jumping history. I am extremely proud to be part of it.

Individually I was pleased with the way Conconcreto Sancha LS performed. I felt she was flying over those -beautifully designed- fences. Unfortunately, we had one down on the last obstacle in Nations Cup Day one, and that meant the end of the individual competition for me. I nearly made it to the top 30 though… That's the sport and it wasn't meant to be my week. I very much enjoyed the week of competitions. We had a team spirit I had never felt before; a great Chef d’Equipe, and my family and girlfriend were there. I could not ask for a better company. The facilities were really nice. The stadium packed with 30’000 spectators had an incredible atmosphere. Philippe Cottier, the French Course Designer had done a fantastic job throughout the week.

Many things have changed for me professionally over the last 4 years. During the 2010 FEI World Equestrian Games in Kentucky, I knew I was competing mostly to gain experience. I was not vying for any title. My riding, and my team, were a complete other level at that time. We were all just beginning. Back then, I could not even imagine where we would be in 4 years time and how much change would happen. I hope I can say the same in 2018!!

The rest of the year is going to be mostly indoors shows in North America, World Cup Qualifier in Stuttgart, Gucci Masters in Paris and hopefully a year end in amazing CHI Geneva! I also hope to be part of Team Colombia for Central American Games in Mexico, last week of November.  

The World Rankings come as a consequence of doing everything right. I am 83rd right now. I will continue training, improving the horses we already have in our team and finding new horses and sponsors to be stronger at the big shows. There’s only so many 5* shows Apardi and Sancha can do in a year as I like to keep them fresh and happy. 

I am very pleased with Apardi. I will let him continue his process. I won't rush him. He is still young and he has a bright future ahead. If we do things properly, I think he can win a lot!

I am more motivated than ever. Captain Millar just won the 1.5M$ Rolex GP in Calgary and he is on his mid-60s. With good health, I have 40 years left of sport! That should be enough time to achieve all my goals! J






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